Making an "adjustable" Caparison
using a fitch (overlap connection)

Adjustable” means it has some flexibility
(due to the fitch), allowing the back piece
to be placed further away from or closer to the withers,
depending on the horse.


Step 1: Make the following measurements on your horse:

  1. From the center front of the horse’s chest to the saddle girth (K-I) 
  2. Center of back to knee/hock line at girth area (F-I & C-E)
  3. Center of back to knee/hock line at highest point of rump (B-D)
  4. Distance between highest point of rump and base of withers (B-C) 
  5. From front of withers down to center front of chest (G-H)**
    ** It is best to put a spot with magic marker on the withers and on the chest to measure to / from the same points, around both sides
  6. Center front of chest to knee/hock line (H-K) 
  7. Spine-line measurement from girth to hock (C-A) 
  8. Length of withers (F-G)  
  9. Width of withers (J-I) 

Step 2: Lay out the pattern as shown in the image above, and sew it together.

In order to make the fitch be very strong and stable, put velcro strips on the top side of the fitch piece and underside of the back piece. This will enable the caparison to fit a variety of horses.


These plans are also available in Powerpoint (PPTX) or PDF file.

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