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greydragon achievement.gif (10 Kbytes) Master Terafan's Quest:

1,000 different beers
in 3 years

Being the devoted fan of beer, Terafan decided that a worthy quest would be to sample as many different beers as possible while in Europe.  After some initial, unrealistic goals, he settled on "2 new beers each week (give or take 2 weeks each year)".  That translates to over 300 different beers!

After one year, and almost 300 beers, he had to modify the quest goal again.   
The new goal was a little more than
25 beers per month... 1,000 beers (in 3 years) !!! 

The original quest ended but since Terafan was extended in Germany until Jul 2003, the new goal was to drink his "time period".  Terafan considers himself from the year 1380, so that was the new goal.
Terafan had 1,389 beers in 48 months...!!!

However, life goes on... so now Terafan is working on adding more beers to the list, but not as aggressively as before.

The current level is 1770 beers !!! 

Here is a list for those helping Terafan in his quest, of those beers already sampled.  I have broken them down by country, and even made separate pages for Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, and the British Isles .  I have done this so my friends don't have to print them all, to get a good list of their particular country.  If you want the master Excel spreadsheet, get it here... 

Austria - 79 Belgium - 155 Germany - 741 Netherlands - 78
Finland - 58 Poland - 30 British Isles - 423
(England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland)


Other countries (Czech, Republic, (Denmark), Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, etc...) - 188


Other Countries (206)

(Argentina) - 2

(Australia) - 1
Castlemain XXXX Draught Lager 

(Bahamas) - 1

(Brazil) - 1
Brahma Chopp

(Canada) - 3
Molson Canadian Lager
Moosehead Lager
Nova Scotia Stout

(China) - 1
Tsing Tao

(Czech Republic) - 20
Branik Patron Ceskych Piv
Budejovický Budvar 2002
Budweiser Budvar
Budweiser Budvar Bud 16% Super Strong
Czech Lager
Jihlavský Pivoj
Kláster Svetlé
KRUŠOVICE Kralovsky Cerne
KRUŠOVICE Kralovsky Svetlý
Pilsner Urquell
Prazské Pivovary D
Primus Svetlé
Radegast Birell
Radegast Klasik
Samson Premium Lager
Samson Svetlé
Sládkuv Méstan
Staropramen Svetlý Premium Beer
Velkopopovicky Kozel

(Denmark) - 17
Bear Beer 4.9%
Bear Beer 7.5%
Bear Beer Extra Strong 10.0%
Carlsberg Elephant Bier
Carlsberg Export
Carlsberg Imperial Stout
Ceres Stout
Ceres Strong Ale Export
Dansk Pilsner
Harboe Beir Guldřl
Harboe Silver Pilsener
Maribo Pilsner
Middelaldercentret Skane Řl
Neptune Guldřl
Tuborg Classic Hvede
Tuborg Classic Pilsner
Vestfyen Pilsner

(Estonia) - 25
A.Le Coq Pilsen
A.Le Coq Porter
A.Le Coq Premium
Alexander Strong Lager
Hard Rock
Jőulu őlu Christmas Beer
Kange Hele Double Bock 8%
Őlle-Kuningas Helle Pilseni
Őlu Tulipühvel
Palmse Dark Beer
Parnu Ziguli
Perona Őlu
Presidendi Pilsner
Saaremaa oma őlu
Saaremaa X Strong Lager
Sack bei Reval Premium Lager
Saku Hele
Saku Porter
Saku Tume
Sarvik Extra Strong beer
Toolse Export
Wesenbergh Porter
Wesenbergh Premium
Wesenbergh Swing 

(France) - 7
"33" Export Blonde
Belzebuth Pur Malt Extra Strong 15%
Ch'ti Ambre'e
Kroneburg KRO
Terken Christmas Special Amber
Terken Septante 5 Amber Beer

(Greece) - 1
Marathon Beer

(Hungary) - 13
Arany Aszok Hungary
Borsodi Barna Hungary
Borsodi Polo Hungary
Borsodi Sör Hungary
Dreher Bak Hungary
Dreher Lager Hungary
Kanizsai Korona Hungary
Kanizsai Vilagos Hungary
Köbányai Sör Hungary
Soproni Aszok Hungary
Steffl Bier Hungary
Szalon Sör Hungary
Zlatý Bazant Hungary

(India) - 1
Cobra Indian Beer 

(Italy) - 12
Forst Kronen Speciale 
Moretti Dark Special 
Moretti La Rossa Birra 
Moretti Pilsner 
Nastro Azzuro 
Saint Louis Lager Birra 
Sans Souci (export) 
Splügen Fumee 
Tourtel Premium 

(Jamaica) - 1
Dragon Stout Jamaica

(Japan) - 1

(Latvia) - 8
Akcija! Bocmanis
Bauskas Alus
Cēsu Extra Alus
Gaišais Alus Pils
Sencu Alus
Tērvetes Alus
Tērvetes Originālais Alus
Zelta Gold

(Malta) - 2
Cisk Lager
Cisk Premium

(Mexico) - 2
Modelo Especial Cerveze Mexico
Negra Modelo Mexico

(New Zealand) - 1
Pilot Bay Dark

(Portugal) - 2
Sagres Portugal
Super Bock

(Russia) - 5
Georgi der Siegende Bier
Nubo Cmapbni menbhuk Cbemnoe
Nubo Cmapbni menbhuk Kpenkoe
Obolon Deep Velvet
Obolon Light

(Slovenia) - 2
Temno Laško - Laško Pivo 
Union Pils Quality Beer 

(South Africa) - 1
Castle Lager 

(Spain) - 3
Alhambra Premium Lager
Estrella Damm Especial Pilsen 
Spanish Premium Lager

(Sweden) - 21
Ĺbro Eko 3,5
Arboga 5,6 Starkol
Bellman 50 cl 6,0
Blĺgul 5,2
D. Carnegie Porter
Eriskberg III
Falcon Bayerskt 5,2
Falcon Extra Brew
Gamla Hufvudsta Färsköl
Kung Starkol
Mariestads Export
Mariestads Special
Pripps 1828 Premium Export Lager
Pripps Blĺ
Söder Bröder Glöder Bajen Fans Lager
Spendrups Bayerskt
Spendrups Original
Spendrups Prototyp Klass III
Three Hearts Stockholm Fine Festival Beer
Wisby Klosteröl
Wisby Pils

(Switzerland) - 9
Cardinal Lager
Cardinal Speciale
Feldschlösschen Hopfenperle
Feldschlösschen Original
Feldschlössen Perle Dunkel
Helvetia Labergier Hell
Ittinger AmberBier
Pickpay Lagerbier
Waro Lagerbier Blonde

(Thailand) - 1

(Turkey) - 2
Efes Pilsen 
Troy Pilsner

(United States) - 25
AChristian Moerlein Select Lager
Avery Ellie's Brown Ale
Avery India Pale Ale
Bridgeport IPA
Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager
Hop Ottin' India Pale Ale
Karl Strauss Amber Lager
Karl Strauss Black's Beach Extra Dark
Karl Strauss Dry-hopped Brown Ale
Karl Strauss Extra Special Bitter
Karl Strauss Gaslamp Gold
Karl Strauss Light
Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale
Karl Strauss Star of India Pale Ale
New Belgium 1554 Brussels Style Black Ale
Rio Grande Desert Pils
Rio Grande Outlaw Lager
Spanish Peaks Monterey Pale Ale
Widmer Brothers Spring Run IPA
Williamsburg Cranberry & Molasses Stock Ale
Williamsburg Grand Illumination Ale
Williamsburg Harvest Ale
Williamsburg Pale Ale
Wolaver's Brown Ale

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