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Terafan Dubheasa Marissa
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Rhys Terafan Greydragon By the grace of God, Terafan was born in Wales the second son of a Welsh father and a Scottish mother. Having no land to inherit, he opted to make his way around the world, learning various crafts and supporting himself with his sword, his bow, and his guitar (although not necessarily in that order). While Terafan actively enjoys fighting, dancing, and woodworking, his one true passion is brewing. He has acquired much skill and knowledge in the brewing arts, and travels much to teach and spread the gospel of brewing.
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Awards: Award of Arms (Drachenwald)
Orden des Lindquistringes (Drachenwald)
Principality Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald)
Order of the Pearl (Atlantia)
Court Barony w/ Grant of Arms (Atlantia)
Order of the Golden Dolphin (Atlantia)
Order of the Laurel (Atlantia)
Queen's Order of Courtesy (Atlantia)
Non-Pareil (Atlantia)
Companion of the Order of the Silver Guard (Drachenwald)
Order of the Pelican (Drachenwald)
Companion of the Order of the Panache (Drachenwald)
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Modern Contact info:
US Mail: LTC Peter C Barclay
15307 Lord Culpeper Court
Woodbridge, VA  22191-4937






Dubheasa ní Chéirín Dubheasa hails from the beautiful Isle of Erin and enjoys sewing garb, puppets, woodworking, and dancing 
Awards Award of Arms (Atlantia)
Order of the Pharos (Barony of Caer Mear)
Order of the Golden Dolphin (Atlantia)
Order of the Panache (Drachenwald)
Orden des Lindquistringes (Drachenwald)
Popular Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald)
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Marissa Greydragon  
Awards: Order of the Sea Urchin (Atlantia)
Award of Arms (Atlantia)
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Modern Contact info:
Tarythe was recently captured by a band of gypsies
and her current address is unknown!

We aren't sure when we might know her whereabouts...