Pole Chandeliers


The chandeliers that I use, on the upright poles of my feast hall, simply clamp onto the pole using hinges and a 'pin' made from a coat hanger. All the images are thumbnails, so click them to see a larger picture.  

"Chandeliers" that clamp onto my upright poles in the feast hall (on the poles, not the one hanging from the rope.).   


The chandeliers get attached after the tent is up.  They 'unfold' so that all the backs are flat, and two go into a box together.  

To download the PowerPoint file of this image, click here. 

For 'candles', I choose to use refillable, liquid paraffin lamps.  The liquid paraffin is much safer than lamp oil or citronella, and it delivers a clean, odor-free flame. It is classified as non-toxic (unless consumed internally) and non-flammable. It is supposed to be so safe, it even extinguishes itself if accidentally knocked over. The container stays cold, so I have no problems with things getting hot.   These cartridges can be purchased in either disposable or refillable form, in various sizes, and can be found with a web search. They are often called "fuel cells" in the US restaurant business.

Many kingdom have restrictions against "open flame".  I realize that, and gentles in those kingdom simply need to find small glass globes that fit on top of the lamp cartridges or use larger metal dishes that can hold a glass globe and the lamp cartridge. 

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