Medieval Tapestries


After an initial good experience with painting a tapestry, and finding a copy of the Codex Manesse, I decided to make one small (approx 2' x 3') tapestry a month (for a year).  All of these tapestries are based on the Codex Manesse: Die Miniaturen der Grossen Heidelberger Liederhandschrift.  All the images for the Codex Mannesse can now be found on-line. All the images in the page below are thumbnails, so click them to see a larger picture.    The project didn't quite last a year because I ran out of wall space in my pavilion on which to hang them.  



Herr Leuthold von Seven thumbnail

Herr Leuthold von Seven tapestry thumbnail

Plate #52: Herr Leuthold von Seven (149kb)

My von Seven tapestry (80kb)



Plate #85: Hartmann von Starkenberg

Hartmann von Starkenberg tapestry thumbnail

Plate #85: Hartmann von Starkenberg (

My Starkenberg tapestry (74kb)



Herr Deitmar von Ast

Herr Dietmar von Ast tapestry thumbnail

#27: Herr Deitmar von Ast. (159kb)

My Ast tapestry (74kb)



von Suonegge

von Suonegge tapestry thumbnail

Plate #67: von Suonegge (154kb)

My von Suonegge tapestry with the arms changed to arms of my shire. (70kb)



Herr Brun von Hornberg

Herr Bruno von Hornberg tapestry thumbnail

Plate #81: Herr Bruno von Hornberg.(144kb)

My von Hornberg tapestry with the arms and helm crest changed to the arms and crest of my lady. (76kb)



Herzog Johann von Brabant

Herzog Johann von Brabant tapestry thumbnail

Plate #9: Herzog Johann von Brabant. (140kb)

My Brabant tapestry (90kb)



Der Marner

Der Marner tapestry

Plate #116: Der Marner. (157kb)

My Marner tapestry (112kb)



Herr Hartmann von Aue

Herr Hartmann von Aue tapestry

Plate #60: Herr Hartmann von Aue. (142kb)

My von Aue tapestry (127kb)



Herr Hartmann von Rugge

Heinrich von Rugge tapestry

Plate #44: Herr Heinrich von Rugge. (160kb)

My von Rugge tapestry with the arms and banner changed to mine. (119kb)


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