Coronation - Jan 2002

Coronation was in Caerphilly Castle, Wales.

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However, before we visited Caerphilly, we went to Cardiff.


The motte and bailey inside Cardiff Castle. (132kb)


Another shot of the motte and bailey. (109kb) Debbie, on top of a tower along the outer wall.  (260kb)
Another shot of Debbie (259kb) Looking off the tower, along the outer walls.  (227kb) Peter and Debbie at the entrance to the bailey keep.  (175kb)


Some stone carvings from Cardiff castle.  (93kb) 13th century sculptured head of a king from Degannwy Castle, Clwyd  (57kb)


Info on the stone head. (19kb)
A decorative ring. (70kb) A closeup of the ring.  (20kb)


Scissors from Criccieth Castle and shears from Dyserth Castle and Caldicot Castle. (129kb)


Info on the scissors and shears. (25kb)



After visiting Cardiff, we went to the Coronation in Caerphilly Castle.


Elffin and Signy in court.  (218kb) Another shot as court starts (188kb) Rhianwen and Umberto are called into court. (185kb)


Elffin and Signy thank them for all their hard work.  (180kb) Signy speaks to Elffin about their reign together. (163kb) Prince Gerhardt, heir to the throne, is called into court.  (213kb)


Gerhardt is joined by Princess Aurelia as they listen to the crown. (225kb) Gerhardt makes his oath to the kingdom (230kb)


Aurelia makes her oath to the kingdom.  (192kb)
Elffin and Signy accept the oaths and say a few words. (181kb) Elffin crowns Gerhardt as King. (222kb)


Signy crowns Aurelia as Queen. (233kb)
The new King and Queen.  (175kb) Duke Elffin accepts the sword of state from King Gerhardt. (216kb) Mistress Oriane peforms a wonderful oratory of the lineage of the kingdom. (117kb)


Master Duncan, Master Otto, and Mistress Caitlin play music.  (103kb) A lively discussion in the musician's corner.  (159kb) Peregrine and Maximilian wait for the tourney to begin. (138kb)


Dubheasa walking around Caerphilly. (116kb) Terafan on the grounds of Caerphilly.  (177kb)


Another shot of Terafan.  (150kb)
Terafan scowls about something.  (205kb) ... and then goes back to smiling.  (270kb)


Dubheasa at a nice spot in Caerphilly.  (218kb)
Another shot of Dubheasa.  (183kb)


Aethstan asking the crown if there is anyone else to fight. (190kb) Dubheasa sitting in a castle window.  (203kb)
Another shot of Dubheasa in the window.  (240kb) Dubheasa standing on the bridge over the castle moat. (206kb)


Another shot.  (227kb)
Gerhardt addresses the populace during court. (230kb) Aurelia and Gerhardt during court. (170kb)