Coronation - June 2001

Coronation was at a historic manor near Brussels, Belgium. 

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The day started with some equestrian competition.


The Kingdom Equestrian marshal presents and equestrian demonstration (65kb)


Riding with a heraldic flag (63kb) Starting a run down the tilt rail. (86kb)
Taking a shot at the quintain (50kb) Another strike at the quintain. (45kb) A third peson at the quintain (51kb)


A good strike at the quintain. (55kb) Charging down the tilt after striking the quintain.  (31kb)



After equestrian, a tournament commenced.


Fighters enjoy some pickup fights.  (83kb) Terafan looks for another fight. (85kb) Duke Matthew and Lord Maximilian enjoy a fight. (83kb)


Duke Matthew and Terafan enjoy a fight.  (80kb) Fighters around the filed are having fun.  (91kb) Terafan and Duke Matthew each land blows single swords. (85kb)


Terafan and Robert of Canterbury fight while Maximilian looks on. (98kb) Their Majesties, Peregrine and Alessandra Melusine talk with Her Highness, Signy (61kb)


Hannah of Mandrak Hill practices with the diabolo.  (63kb)
Hannah, having tossed the diabolo into the air, prepares to catch it.  (58kb) Hannah has the diabolo safely back on the string, and works on it some more. (83kb)


Marissa teaches Alessandra Melusine a little about the diabolo.  (74kb)
Alessandra Melusine practices the diabolo.  (74kb) Lord Umberto, the herald, leads the way into court.  (62kb) Their Majesties and Their Highnesses at the head of court.  (64kb)


Lord Maximilian reads a grand announcement. (81kb) Duchess Cecilia, Duchess Alienor, and Sir Nasr are called into court. (66kb)


Peregrine and Melusine give them gifts as thanks for their hard work. (57kb)
The Queen and King have a quick discussion (80kb) An old crone enters court.  (47kb) The crone foretells of dire happenings in regards to the King (35kb)


The court guards take offense (62kb) The crone ignores the guards and continues speaking.  hall (60kb)


Valkyries appear in court.  (76kb)
The Vakyries are present to take away the king (since he is clearly dying).  (78kb)


The king, having collapsed, is loaded onto his shield.  (60kb) And taken out of court.  (81kb)
Alessandra Melusine takes off her crown... (51kb)  ... and crowns the princess as the new queen. (48kb)


Alessandra gives Elffin a horn of mead, as part of  the Viking ritual of changing the crown. (64kb)
Elffin drinks the mead.  (60kb) Alessandra gives the horn to Signy...  (56kb)


... and she drinks.  (54kb)
Duke Matthew takes the sword of state from the king.  (83kb)


After court, the fighters are encouraged to have more fun.  (68kb) Maximilian (on his knees) and Robert of Canterbury.  (73kb)
Peregrine is called into court.  (86kb) ??? is called into court. (92kb) Genna is spoken for by Sir Nasr. (54kb)
Duchess Cecilia speaks for Genna. (96kb) Floris waits expectantly for the last speaker.  (55kb)