Behourdium at Double Wars 2002

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In May 2002, The Company of the Swan and Cross sponsored a behourdium based on the 15th century tournament book of King Renee of Anjou.  The captains of the two behourdium teams were the captains of the first ever Drachenwald Behourdium, held in 1996, Sir Hartmann and Sir Gilliam. Here are photos from the behourdium.


The trumpeters, led by Master Skafte, sound the call to arms. (188kb) The knight of honour, Viscount Padraig, is summoned by the judges. (149kb)

"...the ladies have asked the judges to assign to them a famous, wise, and notable knight or squire..."

"... who, more than all others, deserves the honor of carrying on their behalf this veil on the end of a lance at the tourney."  

Padraig is charged with his duties. (162kb)


Padraig, accepts the veil and role of knight of honour. (183kb) The fighters, hearing the oath proclaimed by the herald, raise their right hands and take the oath.(148kb)


The fighters take note of the rules of the behourdium. (146kb)
The fighters don their helmets (149kb) Sir Gilliam's team walks to the list. (145kb) Terafan is followed by Trevellon Silverhawk. (182kb)


Sir Gilliam, with his team behind him, requests permission to enter the list. (140kb) Terafan, part of Sir Gilliam's team, enters the list. (142kb) The trumpeters sound the defenders entry to the list. (177kb)


The defenders' right side. (194kb) The center of the defenders' line. (176kb) The right side of the defenders' line. (149kb)


The whole array of defenders. (137kb) Sir Hartman, and the challengers, request permission to enter the list. (148kb) The challengers, escorted by Duke Prothall, enter the list (171kb)


The fighting begins. (92kb) It continues... (66kb) and continues... (148kb)


Much fun is being had. (141kb)


The Defenders stand ready while the challengers regroup. (104kb) Sir Gilliam, having received a good blow, walks back to the refresh point. (140kb)
Gerhardt, a challenger, in the midst of some intense fighting. (141kb) A fighter leaving the list to catch his breath. (143kb) The defenders, led by Sir Gilliam, have the challengers pushed back to their refresh line. (115kb)


Terafan fights a challenge with Jarl Peregrine. (168kb) Terafan pushes Pergrine back to the refresh line... (139kb) After the rest, the melee fighting continues. (174kb)


At the end of the first melee period, all the fighters stop where they are. (174kb) Terafan gets some water from Mistress Oriane. (103kb) Oriane, Terafan, and Master Floris (brown armor) listen to the judges. (124kb)


The melele begins once more. (195kb) and continues... (185kb) Much fun is had by all the fighters. (170kb)


Terafan and Viscount Arngrim face off. (226kb) And lay into it.  . (227kb) Terafan moves to fight sire Hartman.  (183kb)


Terafan faces off with Aethstan. (186kb) And once again.   (189kb) After the 2nd melee period, Terafan and Viscount take a break for water. (212kb)


Everyone drinks some water. (161kb) The knight of honour returns to begin the third melee period.  (239kb) Terafan is having fun. (251kb)


and gets into it. (194kb) Terafan enjoys being in the thick of things. (261kb) (220kb)


At the end of the third melee period, individual challenges are allowed. (191kb) Gerhardt, the king, meets Sir Gilliam at the barrier. (171kb) Terafan and Gabriel, prince of Nordmark, meet at the barrier. (154kb)


Three good blows with tournament clubs only. (175kb)  (167kb) (191kb)


Terafan ducks out of a blow. (195kb) Viscount Padraig, with pole arm, meets Aethstan with Dane axe. (175kb) They have fun. (191kb)


Sir Gilliam and Jarl Peregrine meet with great sword. (237kb) And have great fun. (202kb) George Fitzhume meets Terafan with buckler and sword. (206kb)


 (210kb) Having enjoyed the bout... (195kb) ... they congratulate each other on blows well struck. (219kb)
Gerhardt and Aurelia hold court later that evening, flanked by Gabriel and Eyba of Nordmark, and Crown Princess Ezsabella. (184kb)

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