Photographs from "Double Wars"

These are just a few.  I have lots more to put up, but need to get them sized and get the rest of the thumbnails done.

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Terafan wanted to have the coolest looking encampment at the here is my attempt with a photo of the grand scheme and some detailed photos of the interior of the "feast hall"!

Our encampment

Interior of the Feast Hall Hospitality Corner of the feast hall More Feast Hall Kitchen corner of the feast hall
The interior of the "feast hall" (60kb) The Hospitality Corner of the "feast hall" (73kb) More "feast hall" (50 kb) The cooking corner (kitchen) of the "feast hall" (48kb)


There were field battles and bridge battles...
Open Field battle Waiting for the Field Battle to begin Field Battle (#19) Field Battle (#67)
Field Battle (56kb) Waiting for the Field Battle to begin(94kb) Field Battle (44kb) Field Battle sub-commanders (67kb)
Bridge battle (#66) Bridge Battle (#72) Bridge battle Bridge battle
Bridge Battle (95kb) More Bridge battle (93kb) More Bridge battle (105kb) First row is wiped out on the bridge (100kb)
Waiting to begin break between battles fierce bridge battle bridge battle
Waiting to begin the Bridge battle (78kb) Between the battles (92kb) More Bridge battle (102kb) More Bridge battle (84kb)
Bridge battle Running onto the bridge Ready to march
Bridge battle (118kb) Running onto the Bridge (97kb) Waiting to march (105kb)


There was court and other unique activities.

Countess Alienor Styringheim Dragon horns
Countess Alienor in court (19kb) Styringheim blowing their dragon horns (101kb)


And there were tournaments...
Tournament (#39) Tournament (#40) Tournament (#41) Tournament (#42)
Terafan against Duke Matthew (29kb) Baron Markus and Lord George (20kb) Terafan delivering a rose to the victor's consort (23kb) The lovely ladies who give out roses (30kb)
Tournament (#43) Terafan and Baron Edward Terafan about to become victorious over Edward
Terafan and Duke Jade (30kb) Terafan versus Baron Edward (35kb) Terafan in his one victorious fight against Baron Edward (20kb)