Horse Farm in Raphine, VA

We found our retirement property in the southern end of the Shenandoah Valley...

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The entrance to the property from the road. (568kb) Looking down the driveway. (616kb)


Approaching the house (135kb)
The front of the house(623kb)


An angle shot. (700kb) The side, showing the screened porch. (67kb)


The back.  The kitchen is in the (wood-sided) addition. (513kb)


The yard/dog run. (140kb)


From the back door, looking out along the dog run at the back pasture. (636kb)


Looking to the right at the back pasture.  Notice the "old barn". (551kb)


The back pasture from "old barn". (48kb) Standing atop the entrance ridge, looking down at the new Morton barn.  The house is on the left. (45kb)  
Looking up the hill/ridge from the Morton barn. (143kb) The Morton Barn. (72kb)


The outside riding arena, and the covered riding arena. (146kb)
Entrance to the Morton Barn. (412kb) The stalls in the Morton Barn. (530kb)


The wash stall and tack room. (444kb)
The covered riding arena. (552kb) Another shot. (524kb)


The outdoor riding arena. (624kb)
Looking at the old barn. (122kb) The old barn. (482kb)


Looking back at the house from the old barn. (61kb)
Overhang of the old barn. (56kb) Stalls in the old barn. (49kb)


The chicken coop, currently a "cat house". (468kb)
Eat-in portion of kitchen. (35kb) Kitchen. Notice the double oven...(424kb)


Eat-in area. (602kb)
The living room w/ fireplace. (134kb)


Fireplace with screen removed. (503kb) Looking right around the living room.  The door goes out to the screened porch. (443kb)


Continuing to look right around the living room. (134kb) And further to the right. (506kb)


The full bath on the first floor and the front entrance. (430kb)
The attic bedroom. (46kb) Guest room on 2nd floor. (572kb)


Master bedroom on 2nd floor. (473kb)
2nd floor bath. (422kb) Stairs up to attic and down to 1st floor. (437kb) From entrance ridge down across entire property. (42kb)

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