The Barclay Cats

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When Peter returned from Iraq, he picked out a calico kitten as "his cat".  Despite all Samantha's efforts, Shadow just wasn't up for running, jumping, and tussling with her.  So, when we got to Woodbridge, we wanted to get another cat.  The first didn't work out, and went back to find a better home, and we got a replacement (better model).  The only challenge with the new model was that it took us weeks and weeks to get him to tell us his name...maybe he wasn't sure he wanted to stay. 
Check out some of their antics in the pictures below.


I'm innocent!  He is the problem.
Are you yanking my chain?


Ha!  I am king now! 
Hey, how did you get up there??


Do I have to teach you a lesson...again??
A mexican standoff...


We are really good buddies! 


Samantha in wrapping paper.
Nothing to do but hang out all day...


Serena really was the "spare cat". 
She wanted a different home... (456kb)


With another kitten around, at last I can get some sleep!
Is this my good side??


A shot for my agent...


He kept trying to tell us his name is "Snoozle".


And he finally convinced us..


The three youngsters!


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