My basic encampment - 
it all fits in my Honda Accord!

These pictures are to show my basic encampment for SCA events, and how it all fits in my Honda Accord, usually with room to spare.    All the pictures are thumbnails, and links to larger images.

Things normally in my encampment:

  • Tent (Canvas, 2-piece center pole, 12 spokes, hub, finial, base plate, and lamp ring, and ground cloth)
  • 3 meter flagpole, flag, and portable hole
  • Rope bed (double size) with air mattress, two comforters, quilted coverlet, sheets and pillows
  • Bed canopy (Frame, canopy top, and 4 curtains)
  • 2 gothic arch chairs and cushions
  • 2 Glastonbury chairs and cushions
  • Trestle table
  • Cooler chest
  • Feast box (plates, bowls, mugs, tablecloth, cutlery, cutting board, candelabra and candles)
  • Terafan's clothes chest
  • Folding table
  • 3 persian carpets and 1 braided rug
  • Dubheasa's clothes chest**
  • Armour**
The tent, a 12-spoke pavilino with 19 1/2 foot diameter on the ground, and my 3 meter flag pole and flag.  (115kb) Two "gothic arch" chairs and cushions.  You can also see the bed and bed canopy.  (88kb)

(for pictures of the whole bed canopy, click here...)


The bed, canopy, chest, bow, quiver with arrows, and folding table. Here you can see two of the carpets (persian rugs) on the floor. (102kb)
Deb & Tarythe in front of Von Trapp lake home
Another view of the bed and folding table, and one corner of the third carpet. (96kb)


My trestle table, cooler chest, two Glastonbury chairs and cushions, feast box (on the table) with candelabra set up, and the 4th carpet (braided white one on the left)  (98kb)
Augustiner Bräu common room
The Honda completely packed.  Room for the driver and one passenger.  (164kb)


A side view of the packed car.  Yes, there are poles sticking up between the front seats (and the back seat of the car folds down so we have things sticking through from the trunk). (127kb) A view in the back window.  Still more room for stuff (like my wife's garb bag since she wasn't on this trip) (128kb)

** The only things not in these pictures (or this trip) is my armour and Dubheasa's clothes and clothes chest (which breaks down), since I wasn't fighting and Dubheasa didn't come with me, however you can see from the picture that there is plenty of room for them in the back seat of the car.

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