Equis Bellator II

In September 2005, Drachenwald's 2nd equestrian event was held in Insulae Draconis.  Here are a few photos of the jousting we did at the end of the training/practice day. 

Please CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL to see the larger pictures. The number in ( ) tells the size of the large picture.

Katherine of Glastonbury gets ready to joust (121kb)


Terafan, pulls on his gloves before riding at the quintain. (138kb) Terafan ready to ride at the quintain. (136kb)
Katherine of Glastonbury and Lady Meg jousting.  (127kb) Katherine of Glastonbury jousts at Terafan.  (142kb)
Terafan practicing at the small spinning lance target. (38kb) Thomas practicing at the canter. (39kb) The ground crew hasn't removed the spinning target yet (as Terafan trots down the tilt rail). (40kb)

We had to make lances in order to joust, so the pictures below are the lances I made. 


Gilbert and Dubheasa posing with my lances. (212kb) The lances taken apart so you can see the individual pieces. (200kb)


A close-up of the vamplates on Terafan's lances. (145kb)


A close- up of the two handles.  The purple one was carved by hand (using a spoke shave), and the red one was turned on a lathe.  (170kb) The vamplates are separate and simply slide on, fitting tight on the handle.  This shows two options for fastening them. (169kb)


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