Lady Anarra's Little Book of E-mail List Etiquette

Copyright (c) 1996, 2001, 2002 Terry L. Neill

The Society for Creative Anachronism revolves around ideals of Chivalry and Honor. Etiquette is merely an extension of those ideals.

When posting to an email list, please bear these simple rules in mind:

For example, posting something like: "Mary, remember that discussion we had last week?" is INAPPROPRIATE.
Instead, post something like "Lady Mary and I were discussing exactly the same thing last week and we thought."

Several e-mail programs balk at HTML-encoded e-mail. So if you have Outlook, Outlook Express, or some other HTML-friendly program, please set your mail format options to "Plain Text" instead of HTML.

"Do you really mean to say that Atlantian sheep are superior to East Kingdom ones?" is MUCH better than "You idiot! How dare you insult the East's sheep! You should be thrown out of the Order of the Hooked Crook immediately!"

If you have a problem with a post or poster, send a private message. Posting chastising messages in public does not help to solve the situation.

"Lord John wrote to me the other day that he liked court." is appropriate.
"Lord John wrote to me the other day: 
    '>I like court because I can get in a good nap.'
"is NOT appropriate.

Realize that a large portion of the populace does not have access to this list. Issues discussed on an email list cannot turn into 'decisions' without input from the rest of the group. Email lists supplement, they don't replace, conventional means of communication.

Finally - enjoy the discussions generated on email lists. Share them with your non-e-mail friends!

This document was written by Anarra Karlsdottir, known outside the SCA as Terry L. Neill. It is copyright (c) 2002. You have permission to make copies for personal use and to distribute it as you wish but only if it remains complete, including the copyright notice, and is distributed for no charge. If you wish to publish this in your local newsletter, you MUST contact me at to get my address. I will give permission to re-print in return for a copy of the publication.

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