It seemed to me that stakes always eventually tear up the loops they go through, either from rough edges
or by the loops being pounded into the dirt, or simply from wear and tear. 

I do my stake loops slightly different from most tent manufacturers.

I use a replaceable loop for the piece that the stake actually goes through.

Here is a close up showing the details of the stake loops.

stake_loop.jpg (15358 bytes)

You can see in this picture that the actual loop (piece that the stake goes through) is a piece of nylon cord
that is tied to the stitched down loop. 

By doing it this way, whenever I tear, beat up,
or rip a stake loop, I can simply replace it by tying on a new piece of nylon cord without
having to un-sew/re-sew anything. 

We used 9/16 inch tubular nylon to sew the stitched down loops.   See below.

stakeloop2.jpg (53275 bytes)