Playing Card Museum in Altenburg

In March 2005, we flew to Germany for a Crown Tournament, and discovered a playing card museum in Altenburg on our way to the tournament.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

(128kb) (229kb) (205kb)
(130kb) (169kb) (167kb)
(115kb) (209kb) (131kb)
(230kb) (171kb) (249kb)
(202kb) (275kb) (116kb)
(327kb) (206kb) (290kb)
(170kb) (167kb) (165kb)
(218kb) (306kb) (233kb)
(134kb) (272kb) (225kb)
(314kb) (312kb) (211kb)
(413kb) (373kb) (97kb)
(163kb) (145kb) (144kb)
(129kb) (269kb) (152kb)
(64kb) (219kb) (242kb)
(198kb) (174kb) (160kb)
(202kb) (176kb) (296kb)
(282kb) (228kb) (87kb)
(210kb) (264kb) (501kb)
(230kb) (518kb) (168kb)
(189kb) (292kb) (504kb)
(466kb) (563kb) (231kb)
(147kb) (143kb) (90kb)

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