Animals in the Army

In August 2005, we went to the British Army museum to see an exhibit about animals that have worked for the British Army.

They had dogs, horses, camels, pigeons, and a goat.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

A goat.  A mascot of one of the regiments. (208kb) Rob Martin, Cameleer, with his camel. (230kb) The camel, with a sense of humour, laughs over Rob's head. (258kb)


Another shot of  Rob and all the gear his camel would carry. (217kb) Rob Martin mounted on the camel with all his WW I fighting gear.  (213kb) Rob giving a discussion of the camel corps and its performance in WW I. (246kb)


This shot is particularly funny as you look at the head of the handler. (208kb)


An information on the British Army Camel Corps. (168kb)  

Cliff Barnes, farrier, gives a demonstration of replacing a horseshoe in the field.
 Unclinching the old nails on one side of the shoe. (128kb)


... and unclinching on the other side of the shoe. (152kb) Filing the hoof so it will be flat on the shoe. (279kb)
Hammering the nails from the bottom of the shoe through the hoof. (179kb) Clinching over the points of the nails. (177kb)  

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