Re-enactment of the Battle of Austerlitz

I was invited by "The Troop" (who do English 17th Lancers re-enactment) to go to the Czech Republic and ride with them as Austrian cavalry in the re-enactment (on the 200th anniversary) of the Battle of Austerlitz.  All the pictures are thumbnails, and links to larger images.

In the Battle of Austerlitz (2 December 1805), part of the Napoleonic Wars against the Third Coalition, a French army of approximately 68,000 troops under Napoleon's command decisively defeated a joint Russo-Austrian army of over 89,000 troops, commanded by Russian General Kutuzov and Austrian General von Weyrother.


Peter, in his Austrian cavalry outfit. (128kb) Resting comfortably with a drawn sword. (137kb) A side view (with a French Hussar in the background.) (156kb)


After the Saturday morning parade, all the re-enactors head toward the buses to go out to the battlefield. (154kb)


165(kb) (177kb)
A French rider, getting ready in the stables. (144kb) Two Polish cavalry members (on the left) and another unidentified cavalryman. (124kb)


The 6 of us from England. (170kb) Prinz Eugene's 5th Austrian Dragoons. (182kb) We named the horses (l to r): Itchy, Scratchy, Skeletor, Jesus, Kick Bitch, and One-Eye!  (185kb)


Mark "Benny" Bentham-Hill, our trumpeter. (179kb)


Benny, with his sabre. (185kb) Benny, looking casual. (222kb)
Stacey Evans, sitting casual with his sabre. (283kb)


Stacey, ready to go. (230kb) A close up of Stacey. (253kb)
Steve Pickering (223kb) Steve and his horse, One-Eye. (191kb) Peter, casual with his sabre. (199kb)
Peter, ready to go. (234kb) One of two Hungarians who were supposed to ride with us. (172kb)


The other Hungarian. (186kb)
Alan Larsen and Mark Selwood. (140kb)


Mark Selwood, mounted up. (198kb) Mark Selwood, ready to go. (196kb)
Alan Larsen, on his noble farmer's nag. (172kb)


Alan Larsen (171kb)  
Four Russian cavalry. (76kb) The Russian cavalry, straight on. (75kb) Some infantry taking a break for lunch. (114kb)


A member of the French cavalry bringing her horse back for lunch. (196kb)


Another shot. (96kb) An unidentified cavalryman. (96kb)
A Hungarian. (165kb) Another Hungarian. (142kb)


A Polish cavalryman. (114kb)
Another Polish cavalryman. (179kb)


Unidentified cavalryman. (148kb) A French curassier. (172kb)
Two unidentified infantrymen. (151kb) French artillery. (133kb)


The mock village of Austerlitz.(138kb)
French infantry in the village. (93kb) Riders going back for lunch. (125kb)


Another group of French artillery. (151kb)
Some Frenchman. (183kb) The commander of the French Artillerie. (111kb)


A group of French infantry, in the village afte the battle. (112kb)
Some infantrymen pose. (115kb) Peter in the village after the battle. (176kb)


The vorpal bunny got all excited and wanted to go kill some of the French.  (78kb) I had to draw my sabre to keep him under control. (60kb) The vorpal bunny still went outside and jumped on some French infantry.  The picture of the  aftermath is too gorey to show. (224kb)



On Sunday morning, most of the re-enactors went to a service at the monument.  Afterwards it was a good time to grab my camera and get lots of pictures of various uniforms.

(119kb) (115kb)


(150kb) (127kb)


(139kb) (143kb)


(157kb) 131(kb)



A cool BBC article on the Austerlitz re-enactment with a 1 minute video clip and several cool pictures. 

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