Austria - Feb 2005

In Feb 2005, we spent a week touring and skiing in Austria.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

A foggy morning view around the resort. (133kb) The vorpal bunny decides he wants to go play in the snow. (134kb) It is pretty cold so he is starting to have second thoughts about the snow. (95kb)


He is definitely not happy... (74kb) So he jumps under Debbie's arm to warm up. (159kb) and decides that hanging out with Debbie is much better. (174kb)


As long as his feet are out of the snow, he is pretty happy. (211kb) Another happy shot. (163kb) We went out for a sleigh ride and Peter looks like a grump! (185kb)


Peter caught with a funny look. (151kb) A view of another sleigh pulling into the mountainside restaurant for lunch. (233kb) Here you can see how the sleighs have both runners and wheels for use on snow or roads. (211kb)


A view of the sleigh behind us. (206kb) We get ready to pull in for a stop. (157kb) Our horses with blankets on for the stop. (119kb)


A view of the cloud covered mountains. (202kb)


Another shot. (173kb) Debbie enjoying the ride. (156kb)
A view during the nice sleigh ride. (190kb) (135kb) (143kb)
(155kb) (128kb) The beautiful Austrian countryside. (116kb)


(214kb) Debbie enjoys the horses after the ride. (170kb)


Debbie overlooking the lake outside our apartment at the resort. (157kb) A closer shot.  (152kb) (132kb)

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