Skiing in Austria - December 00

When Tarythe came to visit in December 00, we took a week vacation and went to Austria.  We stayed in a small town south of Salzburg, called Maria Alm.   On Tuesday, we went to Salzburg for the "Sound of Music" tour and saw all the places they used to film the movie.    All the pictures are thumbnails, and links to larger images.

Deb & Tarythe in front of Von Trapp lake home
This was the castle in the opening aerial shot of the movie. A little hard to see very much of the castle, but the grounds are nice.  (73kb) The famous pavilion where Liesl and Rolf sang "Sixteen, Going on Seventeen" is on the grounds here, but we didn't take a picture there.  We took this picture in the Leopold gardens instead. (64kb)


This the von Trapp home used for the rear view and the lake where the kids fell out of the canoe.  (59kb)
The von Trapp home and lake with swans swimming in it.  The Salzburg fortress is in the background. (45kb)


Tarythe in front of the monastery that Maria was from, and the gate where the children begged to see her. (82kb) A shot of a church in Salzburg (built in 1474) with the fortress in the background.  (31kb)
Augustiner Bräu common room
Our guide took us to the Augustiner Bräu monastery and we had a beer with some friends on the tour. (39kb)


Tarythe and I with our beer mugs.  (39kb) A view of the inside of the brewery/monastery social room. (45kb)

On Wednesday, Tarythe and I went to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier to ski.  There was no snow anywhere else, so it was really our only option for skiing.  It snowed Thursday night and most of Friday, which made skiing on Friday not much fun, so we went to a Christmas market in Saalfelden.

The ski are at Kitzsteinhorn is on a glacier on top of the mountain.  (41kb) You can really see the awesome view we had from most of the area. A little hard to see, but the fog is covering Lake Zell am See in the background right.(41kb)


There were lots of T-bar lifts and slopes.  You can see more slopes in the background. (49kb)
Another shot of the great view and where the lifts have to come up. (57kb)


What a view! (50kb) Tarythe, ready to ski down from the top. (39kb)
Tarythe, the wild ski woman. (25kb) The last day, Friday, most of the day was like this and eventually we decided skiing was not fun. (20kb)


You can see the lift, which is only about 40 yards behind Tarythe.  (21kb)
A shot of the fog surrounding the mountains in Saalfelden. (34kb) Another foggy mountain view. (30kb) This is the resort where we stayed.  I was waiting for Tarythe to get Debbie so we could go to the Christmas market. (37kb)


Debbie and Tarythe coming out of the resort, so we can go to the market. (52kb) Tarythe at the Christmas market in Saalfelden. (52kb) A statue of St. George in the church in Saalfelden. It was very dark and the flash only worked so well.  (61kb)


The view out our resort window on Saturday morning. (75kb) Tarythe on the balcony. (86kb) Another view over the balcony railing at the resort. (82kb)

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