Canadian-American Party 2004

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The Canadians and Americans living at Larkhill put on a "Can-Am" party each summer...  
The entire Can-Am crew....  

Top row:

  Peter (USA), Lee Spencer (Canada), John LaRocque (C), Penny LaRocque (C), Chuck LaRocque (C), Brian (C), Andrew Lockridge (C), Jennifer Lockridge (C) (107kb)

Bottom row:

Ryan Spencer (C), Debbie Barclay (U), Gwen Spencer (C), Megan Spencer (C) (175kb)

The LaRocque family, who let us use their backyard for the 120+ people at the party... (188kb)
Peter and Brian cooking, while Andrew holds the tent to keep the rain off... (124kb) Everyone enjoying the party (out of the rain)... (143kb)


Some kids ...(43kb)

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