Canadian-American Party 2005

The Canadians and Americans living at Larkhill put on a "Can-Am" party each summer...  

Each of these thumbnails is a link to the full-size photo. 

Peter, Lawrence, and Chuck man the grill.  (237kb)


Peter looks for more meat while Lawrence and Chuck flip the burgers (235kb) Penny Larocque chats with one of the guests (298kb)
Bob Stewart, the solo Scotsman, amidst a pack of women. (336kb)


Brian Martin, a friend from London, chats with .... (I can't remember her name)  (250kb) The popcorn machine was a big hit with the children.  (243kb)
The really cool door prize basket, loaded with all sorts of neat Canadian and American goodies. (217kb)


Another shot of the third chair. (202kb)

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