Denmark Medieval Center

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In May 2002, on the way to Double Wars, Max, Margerite, and I stopped at the Denmark Medieval Center. Here are photos from the center.


The medieval had a massive working trebuchet (189kb) The trebuchet had to be cranked down by people walking in the treadmill. (134kb)


In the process of cranking the trebuchet down to load. (88kb)
The town mayor and his man-at-arms go to inspect the loading. (102kb) The mayor continuing his inspection. (117kb) The trebuchet just after firing.  (68kb)


The two different beer dispensers. (90kb) Max and Margerite happy with their beer. (78kb) Max and Margerite enjoying dinner in the tavern (98kb)


The interior of the tavern. (96kb) The knights prepare to demonstrate skill at arms. (131kb)


The first knight at rings. (181kb)
The second knight at rings. (113kb)


Knight 2 prepares to joust. (166kb) Knight 1 prepares to joust... (107kb)
Knight with his sword. (122kb) Knight 1 sticks a pig. (130kb) Knight 3 prepares to joust. (194kb)


Knight 3 after a joust! (118kb) Knight 2 showing off to the crowd. (129kb) Knight 2 rides around to joust again. (87kb)


The mayor, his man-at-arms, and a knight talk to a visitor (176kb)


The mayor and his man-at-arms. (147kb) Max discusses shoes with the mayor and his man-at-arms. (137kb)

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