Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2004

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In Aug 2004, Debbie and I went to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.


The Edinburgh castle at the start of the tattoo.   (227kb) A lone piper plays from the heights of the castle. (224kb)


A massed band plays first. (226kb)
Trumpeters from the castle. (140kb) Another shot of the trumpeters. (203kb) The total spectacle of the castle gate. (220kb)


Massed pipes start to march (242kb) And march directly past us. (266kb)  (231kb)


They; march back from the far end of the arena. (257kb) And stop to perform. (269kb)  Dance Troupe from Estonia. (108kb)


A Royal Air Force drill team. (241kb) Scottish and Australian Highland Dancers.  (159kb) A South African Navy band. (209kb)


Some lone trumpeters finish the show.  (110kb)    

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