Equis Bellator

In September 2004, the SCA group in southwest England hosted an equestrian event.  Here on photos of Terafan (Peter) riding in the competition.

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The riders getting ready to begin. Peter, leading the riders carrying his flag Peter presenting himself
The riders getting ready to begin. (173kb)


Terafan, leading the riders carrying his flag (170kb) Terafan presenting himself. (143kb)
All the riders lining up to present themselves.  (183kb) Terafan riding away to begin the games. (180kb) Terafan, chopping the Saracen heads.  You can see one head (that he just wacked) flying off the stand. (132kb)


Another run at the Saracen heads (149kb) Terafan's last run at the heads. (104kb)


Terafan riding up to throw his spear at the dragon.  (89kb)


After lunch, Terafan warming up his horse.  (139kb) Terafan, getting ready to begin the games again. (153kb)


Terafan, riding around with his cool flag. (62kb)
Terafan, ready to lance the rings. (90kb) An out-of-focus shot of Terafan riding at the rings. It is hard to see, but there is a yellow ring on Terafan's lance, just in front of the horse's nose. (31kb)


Terafan misses the smallest of the rings (which you can see behind him on the right).  (49kb)

Terafan on his last ride at the rings. (118kb)


Terafan, ready to stick a "pig" on the end of his lance.  (70kb) Terafan, with a "pig" stuck on the end of his lance (under the horse's tail). (75kb)
Terafan, with his second pig of the day. (93kb) Terafan sticks his third pig. (67kb) Terafan, having just struck the quintain. (hard to see behind the list fence)   (72kb)


Terafan, making his second strike at the quintain.  You can see the weighted bag on the left arm swinging out as it spins. (103kb)


Terafan, the games complete, ready to make a final ride around the ring. (79kb)


Terafan rounding the list fence on his final ride.  (162kb)
Terafan, riding in front of the spectators. (112kb) The contestants, lined up to hear the winners of each event announced. (157kb) Another shot.  (173kb)


And the last one. (182kb)



Barekr and Katerina gave me some of their pictures...


A good shot of one of the "Saracen heads". (56kb)


Lady Trinite Ducalon.  (80kb) Barekr and Terafan. (68kb)
Lord Barekr Gunnarson. (83kb) 


The group of riders.  (84kb) Lady Katherine of Glastonbury charging the quintain on Oliver. (39kb)
Lady Katerina von Danzig. (70kb)


The "dragon" we were throwing the spears at. (99kb)

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