Castillo de San Marcos

In November 2005, I went to Florida and visited the fortress in San Augustine.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

The vorpal bunny at the drawbridge into the castle. (193kb) The vorpal bunny looking at the moat around the castle. (253kb)


The castle guard preparing to fire the cannon. (142kb)
The cannon crew carefully executing their drill. (134kb)


The master gunner checking the priming. (152kb) The cannon fires!  (134kb)
The cannon is now safe.  (149kb) The vorpal bunny goes to check out the cannon.  The castle guard thinks the bunny might nick the cannon. (163kb)


A view out of the channel and harbor of San Augustine. (166kb)
The vorpal bunny checks out one of the guard towers. (362kb)


A close up in the guard tower. (285kb) The vorpal bunny surveys the model of the castle. (205kb)
The arms of the castle. (181kb)    

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