Riding in the Norman Cavalry at the Battle of Hastings

These are some advance photos of my participation in the Battle of Hastings, 2004.  On Sunday, I was given the opportunity to ride with the Norman Cavalry.

Please CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL to see the larger pictures. The number in ( ) tells the size of the large picture.

A warm up and practice riding in the morning. (176kb)


Another shot of me during the practice. (181kb) In the afternoon, fitted out with kite shield, sword, steel-tipped spear, and chain mail shirt. (236kb)
Some other members of the Norman cavalry.  (275kb)


Terafan looking quite serious before the battle.  (246kb)


Lord Andreas, carrying the papal banner issued to William on Normandy. (218kb)
Duke William (on the right) talking to his cavalry.  (280kb) Another angle of the assembled cavalry.  (273kb)


Three cavalry skirmishers ride out to engage the Saxon skirmishers. (328kb)
The cavalry charging the Saxons shield wall.  (128kb) Duke William engaging a Huscarl wielding a "Dane axe". (167kb)



More photos from the Battle of Hastings will be coming shortly...

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