Riding with the Norman Cavalry
 at the Battle of Hastings 2006

These are few photos of my participation in the Battle of Hastings, 2006. 

Hastings 2006 was the largest re-enactment that English Heritage has put on.  There were almost 2,000 foot soldiers and 90 cavalry on the battlefield.

Please CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL to see the larger pictures. The number in ( ) tells the size of the large picture.

Peter in the very nice tunic that
Amy Elliott made for me.


Another shot, but with sunlight this time.
Me, mounted up and ready to ride.
Peter, ready to thrust into a lowly Saxon shieldman...
Even the vorpal bunny got a chance to ride!
Another angle of the vorpal bunny,
ready to ride.


Peter, getting ready to be the point man
for his conroi during the cavalry display.


Peter and Dave Dorr with couched lance.
Peter and Dave ready to attack over their shields.
Peter, at the front of his conroi,
ready to do the cavalry display.
The massed cavalry, during the
cavalry display, ready to charge.


Peter (on the left) with his section
of conroi #1.


Another shot of conroi #1.
Peter's section, all on line.
Peter, smiling at the camera.
John Sawyer, tickled pink that he is riding.



Dave Wise, with the yellow and black.
The cavalry getting ready for the battle.
William of Normandy, trailed by his
papal banner bearer, about to
engage some Saxons.


Peter, galloping about the field
delivering orders.
A good action shot of the battle.
The cavalry engaging the Saxon line.


The Vorpal Bunny and Peter, aboard a C-130 flying to Iraq.

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