Hungary - June 2001

In June 2001, we took Tarythe and spent a week touring in Hungary.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

We stayed in Cserszegtomaj in south-western Hungary.  On our first day, we toured Keszthely, situated at the western end of Lake Balaton, is a quaint baroque town that is well known for its grand Festetics Palace, Gothic style Parish Church and Balaton Museum. 


The baroque styled Festetics Palace, built in 1880, was the residence of the wealthy Festetics family who once own much of the land in the region. (56kb)


Another view of the palace. (69kb) The entrance to the gothic church in Keszthely. (55kb)
Inside the church. (49kb) A medieval hinge on the church door, also showing all the mounting points for the fancy decoration on the other side.  (58kb)


The fancy ironwork on the front side. (80kb)

Our second day was to see ??? 


A pair of 13th century windows (with some reconstruction) (66kb) Info on the windows. (29kb) A Savanarola style chair.  This one has been made (or altered) so that it doesn't fold up. (75kb)


Another view of the back of the chair. (74kb) A view of the front of the chair. (63kb)


One of Hungary's largest and best preserved medieval castles, Sümeg, was built in the 13th century, the only fortress in Hungary north of Lake Balaton that the Turks were unable to capture.  (60kb)
A little closer to Sümeg Castle. (62kb) Hiking up the steep, inclined entrance ramp to Sümeg Castle. (99kb)


An interesting carved piece of stonework in Sümeg Castle. (64kb)
The arena inside Sümeg castle. (63kb) Another view inside the castle walls. (60kb)

After touring the Hungarian countryside, we decided to spend a day in Budapest, especially in the Hungarian National Gallery. 

Some Roman gold coins. (64kb) Info on the coins. (62kb) A 16th century relief of St. George and the dragon. (51kb)


Info on the relief. (27kb) Barely readable information on the next couple of photos. (50kb) A scene of making nitric acid from Agricola's 16th century book. This shows distilling pots in the background. (303kb)


A 14th century distilling pot (with a 14th-15th century lid). (152kb) Another view of the distilling pot. (141kb) Two different 14th century shoes. (56kb)
A close up of the side of shoe 1. (66kb) The other angle of shoe 1. (63kb) A view of shoe 2.  This shoe has laces.  (64kb)
Information indicating the shoes are 14th century. (81kb)


A top view of shoe 1. (54kb) The death crown of King Stephen V, from 1272. (64kb)


Information indicating the details of the crown. (52kb) The cool thing about this crown is the hinges and the cool hinge pins. (64kb)


Another view. (65kb)
And one more. (79kb) A late 14th/early 15th century statue showing a hip belt separate from the sword belt. (58kb)


Another shot, without flash. (65kb)


A drawing of the next statue. (57kb) The statue from which the drawing was taken. (64kb)


Information on the statues. (93kb)
Medieval seals. (75kb) A close up of two seals, showing two different methods of doing the surrounding wax(78kb)


A close up of a seal without surrounding wax. (77kb)
Very fancy steelwork hinges on this medieval door. (73kb)


An enameled crown. (196kb) A view of the crown from the top. (227kb)

On the way home from Hungary, we stopped in Graz, Austria, to see the Landeszeughaus Musuem.  The Landeszeughaus Graz was originally an armouy and was the largest of three in Graz.  It contains over 5,000 pole weapons and was designed to store equipment for the provincial levy of Sytria.


A chain mail coif. (129kb) Information on the chain mail coif. (57kb)


A 16th century iron money chest. (64kb) Information on the money chest. (61kb)


Information on the armour in the Landeszeughaus (78kb) Some of the munitions grade armour on the wall. (60kb) A shot down one of the corridors showing the stacks and racks of armour and weapons. (82kb)


A rack of pistols. (103kb) Racks of armour and helmets. (64kb)


A better shot of the racks. (75kb)
An out of focus close up of some chain mail. (73kb)


Another. (82kb) Some of the fancy dress armour in the museum. (83kb)
A close up of one suit of armour. (88kb) A second shot. (84kb) Several of the munitions grade sets of armour. (79kb)


Another angle of some of the armour. (76kb) more. (79kb) Stacks and stacks of pole weapons. (69kb)


Some armour and fancy pole weapons. (81kb) A selection of some of the special swords in the collection. (75kb)  

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