English Fox Hunting

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Since the English Parliament has passed a law that plans to outlaw fox hunting, beginning in February, I figured I should go hunting before it was too late (or it was fake "drag hunting" which follows a scented lure that was dragged around the day before).
Peter, with a borrowed jacket and "stock" (white neck wrap), ready to go hunting. (76kb) Drinking glasses of port and socializing while waiting for everyone to show up. (115kb)


Two Englishmen mounted up and ready to go. (157kb)
Peter, mounted and ready to go.  (163kb) The huntsman (in the foreground) and the whipperin (in the background) with their pack of dogs. (178kb)


 The master of the day's hunt, Maj Erica Bridges, gives instructions before we depart.  (175kb)

The huntsman and the dogs listening to final instruction. (128kb) The huntsman starting off with the dogs. (78kb) The huntsman and whipperin casting the dogs to pick up fox scent. (72kb)


We started off at a gallop, and spent most of the day either trotting or galloping after the dogs.  The terrier men came in once to flush a fox from a den, and we were off like a shot as the hounds gleefully gave chase.  We spent more than five hours, mostly at a canter, so it was a pretty hard day. 
The red jacket on this chap indicates he is a previous master huntsman. (65kb) Some very tired hunters walking their horses back to the waiting horse trailers and trucks. (65kb) Peter, arriving home, after the hunt. (139kb)

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