Miscellaneous Events in Iraq

These are various things that happened for which I only have a few pictures. 

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Carrie Underwood performed a concert a week or so before Christmas.

The concert advertisement poster.
Carrie and her band spent time visiting with troops.
Carrie visited with wounded troops in the hospital.
Carrie played to a packed house. 


Carrie, in concert





  A picture with Carrie after the concert.  The two soldiers on the left are in my section.




In January, we had an AK-47 round come through the roof of my office. 

  Here is the AK-47 round, 7.62 mm.



I was curious how I would look if I grew a mustache, so I gave it a try...

Here it is after 60 days.


Another shot..



Don't worry, ... the boss said NO so the mustache went away after 60 days (as you can see from the pics below) ...


In early March, Chely Wright was touring Iraq, but she wasn't scheduled to perform on LSA Anaconda.   However, when she couldn't land at another base due to bad weather, we were treated to an unexpected concert.  I was able to sit in the front row!


Chely and her band.
In concert


She enjoyed interacting with the soldiers in the audience.
She sang her famous tribute to service members "The Bumper of my SUV".
Chely sat with every soldier and signed her autograph and chatted for a couple of minutes.
I had volunteered to take pictures for everyone (with their camera) so I got special thanks from Chely !!

On Easter morning, I had this very nice basket next to my Easter tree ...

Check out the wooly lamb..
It looks like the Vorpal Bunny isn't too keen on the interloper!. 


The lamb is definitely a dubious character.

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