Easter trip to NM and Kansas

In April 2004, Peter and Debbie visited NM (to see Peter's folks) and Kansas (to see Debbie's family and folks).

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We took Peter's mother to see the "City of Rocks" north of Deming, NM and then visited the Historical Museum in Deming.
The City of Rocks, as seen from the approach road.. (107kb)


Deb with a sign detailing information about the rock formations (172kb) The entry sign, with the rock in the background. (114kb)
Peter and his mom (221kb) Peter's mom laughing about something. (89kb)


Peter's mom with a small rock formation in the background..(94kb)
Another shot (90kb) Deb inside a rock hollow. (159kb)


Peter & Deb.  (170kb)


Another nice shot of Peter & Deb.  (121kb) A cool formation (92kb) The storm clouds approaching and the storm coming down across the desert!  (28kb)


The museum in Deming had a collection of these really cool whisky bottles... (95kb)


More neat whisky bottles. (116kb) These whisky bottles were specific persons from the old west (108kb)


King Arthur and friends... (103kb) A tap set used for whiskey barrels. (131kb)


From NM, we flew to Kansas for the birthday party of Deb's brother Jerry.  It was great party with lots of family, so we took some "five generations" pictures.  Important info:

Grandma Hattie (Pat): Debbie's grandmother
Vernon & Judy:
Debbie's father and mother
Verlin and Jerry:
Debbie's brothers
Vince and Tersea:
Verlin's son and daughter

Teresa, Verlin, Teresa's sons, Grandma Pat and Vernon (113kb)


Another shot of Teresa, Verlin, Teresa's sons, Grandma Pat and Vernon. (108kb) Another shot (123kb)
One more.. (128kb) Vincent, Verlin, Vincent's daughter and infant son, Grandma Pat and Vernon.  (123kb)


Another shot of Vincent, Verlin, Vincent's daughter and infant son, Grandma Pat and Vernon.   (108kb)
Another shot (148kb) A shot with Richard (Teresa's son) in the side. (142kb)


Another shot (144kb)
A closer shot (152kb) One more shot. (148kb) Verlin, Grandma Pat, Vernon, and Debbie (waiting on Jerry...)   (134kb)


The kids coming to entertain while they wait on Jerry... (127kb)


More kids... Deb went to get Jerry.  (138kb) Another shot with the kids (133kb)
OK, time to get up.  Deb and Jerry must be back... (125kb) Verlin, Jerry, Grandma Pat, Vernon and Debbie. (131kb)


Another shot (131kb)
A closer shot (128kb) A really good picture of these five. (137kb) OK, let's add some kids... (137kb)


Time for Verlin to get on the floor so that Judy can be in the pictures.  (143kb) Verlin, Judy, Jerry, Grandma Pat, Vernon, and Debbie. (151kb)


Another shot of the Vernon Kinsey family... (140kb)
A good picture of these six  (136kb) A whole crowd of hooligans... (146kb) Hey, are you causing trouble?  (149kb)


Time for Jerry to open presents. (132kb) Judy reaching to pat Jerry on the back (or something...)  (190kb) More presents (208kb)


Whoo-hoo!  Look at the cool stuff! (134kb) Grandma Pat gets to hold her great-great-grandson.(151kb) Emily, Gwen, Vance, Grandma Pat, and Vince. (152kb)


A different angle (196kb) Another shot. (149kb) A shot from the other side, so you can see Vince's face. (142kb)


A better look from Vance... (143kb) Only the kids and mom wanted to look at the camera... (141kb) A picture of a photograph Grandma Pat had of Debbie's family when she was young. (95kb)


Another shot trying to get a clearer picture. (97kb)


And again... (113kb) One last time. (120kb)
A picture Grandma Pat had of Vernon as a child... (160kb)


Peter getting ready to go ride... (118kb) Another shot.  (103kb)
Peter ready to ride across the valley to get some pictures. (121kb) A shot of the Kansas countryside.  The white building in the center is the barn next to Jerry's trailer. (94kb)


A shot of the countryside looking in a different direction. (74kb)
Looking over Missy's head at Jerry's barn.  (108kb) Another shot.  (106kb) Ok. this one without Missy's head in the way...  (84kb)


A closer shot of the barn, with a stream/river in between. (99kb) A different angle look at the river valley. (94kb) Looking along the edge of the river with Missy. (150kb)


Standing in the middle of the river (on Missy), looking upstream.  (190kb) Looking downstream.(190kb) Deb and Peter. (180kb)


Another shot (204kb) Squeak, being attacked by the "vorpal bunny" I got for Easter.  (89kb)


Another shot (89kb)
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