Festival of History

In August 2005, I performed at the Festival of History as a mounted herald/scorekeeper in the Knight's Tournament.

Each of these thumbnails here are a link to the large photo. 

A cake, made by one of the ladies, with arms of the 4 knights on the towers.  We ate this at our feast on Saturday evening. (192kb)


The men at arms march away after being dismissed by the king. (156kb) The heralds score the archery as the squire look at their targets. (210kb)
The mounted heralds and knight marshal. (152kb) The heralds set off around the field. (195kb) ... down to the end so the can pass in front of the crowd... (kb)


They prepare to pass in front of the king. (135kb) And they depart, trumpeters still playing. (183kb)

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