Photographs from our Pompeii trip

We spent 3 days in Naples in July 00.  Tarythe had been studying Pompeii in her Latin class.  Here are some of the photos from the Pompeii trip. We started out trying to see all 85 or so buildings listed on the map and reading all the information about each one.  As the hours wore on, and our feet grew tired, we started getting very selective about what we wanted to see.  Tarythe's Latin class had been studying a man named "Lucius Caecilius Iucundus" so we went to find his house.  After that, Tarythe explained to me about the palaestra, which is the exercise area surrounded by the baths.  I wanted to help history come alive for Tarythe and so went to the palaestra where we pretended to be exercising and then figuring out what rooms we would have gone through to get our bath.  It was pretty fun.  We made the grueling trek to the far end of Pompeii to visit the arena and just our luck there were some 'gladiators' performing.  Well, actually they were kids pretending to fight, but is was cool anyway.

After a long day in Pompeii, we dragged ourselves to Herculaneum for the last 1 1/2 hours they were open.  Herculaneum is a much better preserved site than Pompeii, just not as large nor as well known:

The next day we went to the island of Capri to just be tourists. We took the ferry into Marina Grande.  The seas were too rough for us to go see the Blue Grotto so we rode the funicular (cable car) up to the town of Capri.  Narrow, winding medieval streets lined with white washed homes then led us past San Stefano's Church.  We stopped in a grocery store and bought some buffalo mozzarella cheese for lunch and then hiked some 2 miles or so out to view the natural arch.  We decided to hike along to back side of the island to Marina Piccola where we went swimming.  We went up some 485 steps and down over 632 (or so) steps getting from the natural arch vista to Marina Piccola.  After swimming, we were  little tired so we rode the bus back to Capri and took the funicular back down to Marina Grande to catch the ferry to Naples.  While waiting for the ferry, we saw this really cool folding stool.  I couldn't convince them to sell it to me, so I snapped some photos so I can make one.