Winter Solstice 2004 at Stonehenge 

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Since we live only 1 mile or so from Stonehenge, Tarythe and I went to the Winter Solstice.  English Heritage had told us that they weren't letting anyone in until about 0800 (with sunrise at 0810), so we didn't have to get early.  However, it was quite cold and there was ice on the windshield, so it took us longer to get going than planned.  We barely made it in time, but the sky was overcast, so there was no sunrise anyway... 
As we walked into the stones, it appeared that a wedding was just finishing.  Tarythe walked over to the far side, but the crowds all got in the way.   (79kb)


Tarythe, standing near the "ceremonial stuff" from the wedding.  You can see the left candle is still lit.  (87kb) Tarythe, hanging out with the stones. (107kb)
I wasn't sure the last picture was good, so I tried to snap another one when this lady (in purple) walked over with a small green stone in her hand, laid it on the stone Tarythe was leaning on and began muttering.  We moved on... (74kb) *One* of the arch/head druid guys, laying out his stuff for a ceremony. (79kb)


Here, he is invoking/welcoming the spirits of the south (having done the east already).  (93kb)
Here he has just turned to the north. I am not sure if he considers his short sword magical or not, but it kind of appeared he though that.  (93kb)


And is now invoking/welcoming the spirits of the north.  (100kb) I snuck around to where Tarythe was standing and snapped this shot. (177kb)


The (small) circle of people around that druid were now walking in circles holding hands, and spiraling inwards...  (81kb)


Tarythe holding up the circle! (100kb) A couple of interesting looking chaps.  (142kb)
The druid finishing whatever he was doing.  Notice the cameraman almost in his face.  (127kb)


Two ladies with neat walking sticks, talking to a friend.  (96kb) The same two ladies, with a different arch/head druid of somewhere. (90kb)
A shot of the stones, showing how much smaller the winter solstice was (compared to the summer solstice).  Only a few hundred people.  (70kb)

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