Summer Solstice 2004 at Stonehenge 

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Since we live only 1 mile or so from Stonehenge, I thought it would be neat to go see the gathering for the summer I got up at 0400 and walked over to Stonehenge, so I could get there before sunrise.  
As I approached, I could see crowds all around the stones, inside the circle and everywhere... (107kb)


Some had grabbed a perch on one of the fallen stones, if they could get it.  (123kb) Folks were everywhere. (100kb)
Most had been up all night and they were waiting for the sun to rise. (65kb) Someone had brought an owl and had him perched on a stone. (144kb)


A good shot of the crowd inside the stone circle...(93kb)
Most folks were facing east waiting to see the sunrise. (92kb) You can see here it was clear overhead, but there were clouds low on the eastern horizon so we continued to wait... (89kb)


and wait... (96kb)


I walked around to see things from different angles...  (77kb) ... and all around the stones! (94kb) As it looked like the sun would break soon, I was able to get up on a fallen stone to get some better shots.  (155kb)


The crowd expectantly waiting... (80kb)


The sun just starting to peak over the cloulds (on the left side of the picture).  (87kb) And the sun rise... (156kb)
Another good shot between the stones (93kb) Walking away, you can see the crowd and myriad people gathered at the stones. (64kb)

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