Christmas 2002 (7 days in Switzerland)

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Tarythe arrived on 15 Dec 2002, and we headed directly to Torgon, Switzerland from the airport.   We arrived in Switzerland late Sunday afternoon and checked in. We toured on Monday, went skiing on Tuesday and Wednesday, toured on Thursday, and skied again on Friday.


A shot from the town on Torgon down into the Rhone valley.  (80kb)

The chateau at Gruyere. (82kb)

A really cool piece of 16th century furniture we saw in Gruyere.  Debbie wants me to make one of these. (95kb)

This cool castle, Chillon, sits on a little rock island at the edge of Lake Geneva.  (73kb)

One of the large halls in Chillon.  It had 14 or so chests (14th-17th century) in this room alone. (125kb)

One of the chests in a different hall (#2), with a painted tapestry in the background.(118kb)

A nice window seat in hall (#2) looking out over Lake Geneva. (106kb)

A really neat hall (#3) with painted coats of arms and another set of 10 or so chests. (156kb)

The neatest chest in hall #3.  The guide flyer (for reference) is about 12 inches tall (82kb)

The coolest chest in the building.  A 15th century chest carved with the arms of Savoy and the Count of Geneva. (137kb)

Debbie looking out from one of the turrets. (261kb)


A view from the top of the big square tower in the center of Chillon.  You can just see my red van in the top left corner of the picture. (138kb)

Outside Chillon, with the rain gentling falling.(162kb)

For skiing, we had to drive across the Rhone valley and up to a glacier, which could be reached from the town of Les Diablerets.  This is a little church in Les Diablerets. (103kb)

A view of one of  the tow lifts and looking back down into the valley toward Les Diablerets. (98kb)

From the top of the tallest lift, looking down into another valley. (104kb)

The same valley, but looking out across the Swiss Alps.(116kb)

Tarythe at the top of one lift.   You can see behind her, the red arrow, marking the top of the other (highest) lift and the start of the long run to the bottom.(56kb)

Tarythe the ski girl.  (115kb)


Tarythe demonstrating her "extreme" ski skill out in the deep powder.  (122kb)


One evening, we went to a local Christmas market, and in the middle a small park was a whole herd of wildly painted cow statues.  I wanted a picture next to this one in my favorite colors  (82kb)

A picture of the town at the bottom of the mountain where our resort was.  This picture is taken about 1/5 of the way up the mountain.  (70kb)