Visit to San Antonia, TX, March 2005

These are some photos of our trip to San Antonio in March 2005.

Please CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL to see the larger pictures. The number in ( ) tells the size of the large picture.

Sea World

On 11 March, we visited Sea World. 


A display of a trainer riding a killer whale.  (82kb)


Another shot riding the killer whale. (64kb) The killer whale looking at the crowd. (100kb)
A killer whale (and the trainer) leaping out of the water.  The trainer jumped off the nose of the whale.  (114kb)


A killer whale doing a back flip out of the water.   (117kb)


Walking on its tail.  (190kb)
A different whale lifting his trainer high up into the air. (104kb)


Another back flip. (137kb) A nice jump. (159kb)
The first of a three-shot series showing a trainer diving into the air from the nose of his whale. (164kb)


2nd shot of three in the series.  (184kb) The third shot.  You can see the trainer high up above the whale, in the top right corner. (224kb)
A pair of killer whales leaping in tandem.   (132kb) The killer whale bowing for the crowd. (119kb)


Debbie and the Vorpal Bunny after riding the "Steel Eel" roller coaster. (289kb) The Vorpal Bunny feeding the dolphins. (93kb)  The penguins on display. (121kb)


San Antonio

On 12 March, we went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and the next day we toured San Antonio, starting with the Alamo and then taking a riverboat ride.


Peter and the Vorpal Bunny on the train at Fiesta Texas. (101kb) Debbie and the Vorpal Bunny at Fiesta Texas. (251kb)


Debbie, Anne Louise Porter, and the Vorpal Bunny in front of the Alamo. (174kb)


Anne Louise and the Vorpal Bunny in front of the Alamo. (133kb) Information on the founding of the Alamo mission. (333kb)
Information on the defense of the Alamo. (347kb) The Vorpal Bunny riding the river boat. (118kb) Debbie and the Vorpal Bunny along the riverwalk. (82kb)


Another shot. (122kb) Peter and the Vorpal Bunny along the riverwalk. (101kb) A better lighted shot showing the nice waterfall in the background. (91kb)


Natural Bridge Caverns

On Monday, 14 March, we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns. There had been so much rain recently that part of the caverns were filled with water and we had to go in through the exit to see the back half of the caverns.


The Vorpal Bunny with the natural bridge in the background. (180kb) Another shot showing the natural bridge. (204kb) Debbie, with the natural bridge in the background, at the entrance to the cave. (185kb)
A closer shot of Deb and the Vorpal Bunny. (107kb) An interesting low-light shot with more movement of the background than of Debbie. (72kb)


Deb and the Vorpal Bunny overlooking the tunnel filled with water. (64kb)
One of the large rooms in the cavern. (101kb) The Vorpal Bunny in front of the King's Throne. (71kb)


The Vorpla Bunny continuing to explore the caverns. (83kb)
A nice shot of  a formation. (107kb) A close up detail near the path. (115kb) The Vorpal Bunny checking things out in detail (115kb)

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