Venice with Dennis & Laurie

Because we were mis-informed and our tour group made some poor decisions during the trip to Venice in July, we did not get to see everything we wanted.  So we took the opportunity when some friends of ours (Dennis Sherman and Laurie Erickson) were in Rome for a conference.  They took the train up and we met them to go Venice.  

Some cool 14th century glass in the Murano Glass Museum (53kb) The info on the 14th century glass On the Isle of Murano (107kb)
Tourists on one of the many bridges in Venice (84kb) Same tourists, different bridge (76kb) Dennis & Laurie at the bottom of the Rialto bridge (57kb)
Standing at the steps to the Rialto bridge (74kb) Dennis, Peter, and Laurie standing on top of the Rialto bridge (61kb) A view off the Rialto (59kb)
Peter at the bottom of the Rialto (121kb) Some cools masks in a store window. (92kb) More cools masks. (71kb)
A distant shot of the Rialto bridge at night, from a vaporetto, in the middle of the Grand Canal. (86kb) A better night shot of the Rialto. (34kb) Dennis, who flew into Rome and got straight on the train to come to Venice, catches a nap on the way home. (39kb)