The Robert Burns Dinner 2004

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We hunted around for a "Burns Supper" and finally found one in a local pub.  When we turned up, we found our Canadian friends from Larkhill, so we sat with them.  About 10 minutes before we got started, the pub owner came to ask Peter if he was Scottish and would he 'address the haggis' since the bloke who had committed to do it didn't show up...  


Peter, ready to go to the dinner.  (163kb) The six Canadians (128kb) (L to R) Chuck Larocque, (what's her name?), and Andrew, next to Deb. (123kb)


(L to R) Penny Larocque, Lee Spencer and Gwen Spencer. Peter (53kb)


A dark shot of the chef putting the haggis down in front of Peter. (179kb) Peter "addressing the haggis"...  (102kb)
An out of focus shot of Peter, at dinner. (53kb) The piper playing a medley of tunes. (161kb)


Another shot of the piper. (121kb)


I also took a couple of "videos" of the piper playing, but had the camera sideways, so they are dark and sideways...and perhaps not worth the effort to watch.  Your choice... Piper video #1  
37 seconds (4.2 MB)
Piper video #2  
13 seconds (1.5MB)

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