Sailing on Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria

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Tarythe had so much fun learning to sail in August 2002, we went back to Lake Chiemsee in July 2003 and Peter and Tarythe learned to sail catamarans.  Here are some shots (taken by Debbie) of Peter on the catamaran and Tarythe in her own boat.
Peter just starting out of the harbor with the catamaran (42kb)


Peter (53kb) Tarythe out in her boat (36kb)
Tarythe sailing toward the rear of our boat. (22kb)


Tarythe passing behind us. (51kb) Another shot of Tarythe (57kb)
Peter, a little cold from the spray, hence the sweatshirt on his legs. (48kb) As we pick up speed, Peter is able to "trapeze" off the side of the cat. (52kb)


Peter has to watch where we are going, and work the rudder and main sail at the same time.(54kb)


In strong winds, the boat picks up speed, and starts to tilt up on one pontoon, and Peter must work hard to control it. (45kb) However, it is still great fun! (53kb)


You can see from this broad shot that we are tilted up (towards the camera).  (76kb)


  Peter watching Tarythe catch some wind. (49kb) Peter sailing with Tarythe in the background. (48kb) Tarythe catching some pretty good wind. (33kb)


Tarythe (and us) scooting right along. (51kb)


Tarythe a long way off...  (33kb) Darker sky, the wind starting to pick up... (49kb)


Tarythe with a good tilt, and us (as well) with our left pontoon barely in the water...(39kb) A good shot of Tarythe hanging out over the edge... (40kb)


Back to calmer weather and both sailors having fun.  (59kb)

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