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In September 2004, I rented about 900 worth of cider making equipment from the local homebrew shop.  The real cool part was the electric crusher (rather than having to crush them by hand).  Michael has an orchard behind their land and the orchard owner said we could have all the apples we wanted...


Brian and Vallius loading apples into the water.  We picked about 5 wheelbarrows-full of apples. (156kb) Brian and Vallius wash the apples. (191kb)


Apples are thrown into the top of the big chute that leads to the apple crusher. (194kb)
Apple pulp pours out the bottom of the crusher into the bucket. (175kb) And more pulp. (160kb) The is the big 72-liter press I rented.  The press plate goes inside, and we turn the screw down to press the pulp.  The juice runs out into rectangular bucket underneath.  (175kb)

In this picture, we are about finished. You can see some of the apple pulp that has squirted out between the slats as we pressed too hard...


Vallius closing up some jugs of juice. (166kb) Michael and Vallius washing the press plate and the press.  You can see the big funnel for the crusher in the background. (99kb)


Bags and bags of pressed apple pulp and gallons of juice. (110kb)


We pressed about 25 gallons of cider, and then divided it up amongst the parties.  I took home about 14 gallons ... and then pressed some more at Larkhill!  


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