Midsummer Behourdium and Deed of Arms at Drachenwald's Ten Year Celebration

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In June 2003, The Company of the Swan and Cross hosted a behourdium based on the 15th century tournament book of King Renee of Anjou.  The behourdium was between Drachenwald's 1st king, Elffin, and Drachenwald's 20th king, Matthew.  Here are some photos from the behourdium.


Jarl Peregrine (with the crest) has a warm up fight before the behourdium starts... (134kb) The Swan herald summons the two team captains so they may be given their personal standards.  Green with white suns for Elffin and Yellow with black oak leaves for Matthew. (126kb)


Graf Gerhardt gives Elffin his standard. (156kb)
All the fighters gather to hear the rules of the behourdium. (183kb) The fighters raise their right hands and take the oath.(148kb) Getting ready to cut the flag rope and begin the behourdium.  (146kb)


The behourdium begins (149kb) Matthew's side pushes Ellfin's back. (145kb)


Yet, due to the rules of combat Elffin's side recovers and pushes forward..(182kb)


Graf Gerhardt pushes Elffin into a corner. (140kb) Sir John Pregrine is looking for opposing combatants, while Terafan fights inthe background. (142kb)


Matthew's fighters wait for worthy opponents to come forth..  (177kb)


The fight rages in the center.  (194kb) Some fighters continue from their knees! (176kb) Finally, after an hour, a break for water!  (149kb)


Tired fighters in the shade, while flags flutter in the breeze.  (137kb)


Sir Wiglaf patiently waits in the list...(148kb) While most of the fighters enjoy the break. (171kb)


Sir Wiglaf still waits for a noble opponent. (92kb) Sir Kragon and Mistress Sarah take a photo break.(66kb)


And the fighting resumes! (148kb)


Much fun is being had. (141kb)


Master Terafan and Sir John Peregrine debate deeds of arms. (104kb) Terafan plays with his round shield (140kb)
More great fighting along the line. (141kb) Some fighters catch their breath, while others return from the line for a new "life".(143kb) Some fighters are too weary to continue. (115kb)


Others can't get enough! (168kb) Terafan included... (139kb) Gerhardt prepares to face off with Elffin.  (174kb)


Mistress Sarah (with the red pole axe) is having a good time (174kb) After the behourdium, Drachenwald holds court. (103kb)



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