Marcellina's wedding

Two friends of ours, Thomas Schäfer (Duncan the Shepherd) and Martina Furtak (Marcellina d'Angelis) were married on 14 July 2001.  The wedding took place in a beautiful baroque church in Todtenweis and the reception was in the monastery in nearby Thierhaupten.  All the pictures are thumbnails... 

Exchanging vows Exchanging vows Married!
Reading of important words His important words Walking out
A cool sword arch.  Each pair of swords was raised when the couple approached. Complete sword arch Some happy gesture
Hugging Terafan Visiting with folks What a nice bouquet!
A teamwork exercise to saw a log... Inspecting the carriage Loaded up in the carriage
Riding away to the reception Can she give him adequate direction by looking in a hand mirror?? Can he follow her directions and stab the apple??