10 days of medieval Germany - Oct 02

In Spring 2002, two different sets of friends sent us notes, asking about coming to visit.  Since I knew I would be staying for an extra year, we decided that summer was not a good time (due to high airline costs) and that fall would be better.  Thinking that I would be gone during September we set tentative plans for Oct.   As it turned out, Dennis Sherman and Laurie Erickson were going to Gloucester, England for a "Pipe and Tabor Festival" 27-29 September, and then planned to come visit us, and our other friends, David and Nadine Kuijt, were coming 2 October.   It was great!  I took a week of vacation, and Debbie worked her vacation to also have several days with us.  

Dennis and Laurie arrived on 30 September, and we went to Heidelberg to visit the Heidelberg Castle and see the "Codex Manesse" on display at Heidelberg University. 

1 October: Dennis, Laurie, and I went on a Rhine River Cruise.  It was great and there are about 70 pictures.

2 October:  After a brief visit to the Rittersport chocolate factory store, Dennis, Laurie, Debbie and I went to Frankfurt Airport to pick up David and Nadine.  The plan was to go Bamberg in the afternoon to see a Henry II exhibit and visit the Franconian Brewing Museum.  Well, traffic was real snarled, and we were stuck in a traffic jam for several hours, which meant that Bamberg was out of the picture.   After clearing the jam, we headed straight to Nürnberg, to check into our hotel and go visit the Germanisches National Museum.  (It was great because it is open late on Wednesday evenings, and free after 18:00).  

3 October:  We toured the medieval part of Nürnberg with a local SCA friend as a guide.  We visited the Imperial Palace, toured the Museum, saw the Albrecht Durer house, and walked part of the medieval walls.   We departed that evening for Rothenburg, where we arrived in time to check in and than catch the "Night Watchman Tour".

4 October:  We spent the day touring Rothenburg, walking the medieval walls all the way around the city, touring the Imperial Museum, the Kriminal Museum, and the Toy Museum.   In the evening, after dinner, we saw two Hans Sachs plays, in the "Rittersaal" (Knights Hall) of the Town Hall.   

5 October:  I dropped Dennis and Laurie off at the airport and then took David and Nadine to Basel, Switzerland.  

6 Oct: David, Nadine, and I went to the Bavarian Army museum in Ingolstadt, and then down to Munich to see the Bayerisches National Museum.

7 Oct: I had to work, but Debbie, David, and Nadine went to Heidelberg.

8 Oct:  Debbie, David, and Nadine went to Augsburg, Ulm, and Neu Ulm.  It was really cool because Debbie had been wanting to go to Augsburg and Ulm for a long time.  

9 Oct: David and Nadine were on their own, and we sent them Strasbourg, France.  

10 Oct:  David and Nadine toured Stuttgart before I took them to the Frankfurt airport.