Peter's promotion to Lieutenant Colonel 

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In March 2003, Peter was promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel (along with a friend).  Here are some pictures from the promotion.
Navy Captain P.A. Moore setting the scene and explaining for those who have never seen a promotion before... (184kb)


Capt Moore telling jokes about Peter's exploits (108kb) Capt Moore called Peter up adn is talking about his accomplishments. (96kb)
Publishing the order (110kb) Pinning on the new rank. (80kb)


Finishing the pinning on...(67kb)
Peter asking Debbie to come up and get her flowers (46kb) Peter thanking Deb for all her support during the past years (107kb)


Peter yacking ...  Actually he is thanking all those who have been instrumental in his career.  (90kb)


Capt Moore calls both promotees up.  (88kb) The cool promtion cake! (91kb) LTC Peter C Barclay!  (105kb)


LTC and Mrs Barclay (81kb)


A fuller shot.  (93kb) Peter (108kb)
A closer shot (81kb) The promotees and their families.(73kb) Another shot (84kb)


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