Visit to Stockholm and Uppsala.

In November 2003, we we took a trip to Stockholm to teach at a kingdom university. While there, we visited the Vasa museum in Stockholm, the Museum of Antiquities in Stockholm, and Uppsala Cathedral with its treasury of items.  Here are the highlights and pictures from that trip.

Shortly before we left, we received a "Flat Stanley" from a friend in the US who wanted us to take pictures of Stanley's trip abroad for her 2nd grade class back home. Stanley appears throughout various episodes during our trip to Sweden.


We visited the "Vasa" Museum.  The "Vasa" is a warship that sank in Stockholm's harbour in 1628 (after sailing only a few thousand feet). 

Afterwards, we visited Sweden's Museum of National Antiquities (Historiska Museet), which holds the most extensive Viking exhibition in Sweden, including the famous Mastermyr chest.

On our last day in Stockholm, we went to visit Uppsala Cathedral and the Cathedral Treasury.

After the Uppsala Cathedral, we visited "Gamla Uppsala" (or historic Uppsala) with its 13th century church containing a 12th century bishop's throne from the 12th century, and a couple of medieval chests.

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