Queen's Birthday Parade
"Trooping the Colours"

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In May 2004, we received an opportunity to attend a rehearsal for the Queen's Birthday Parade, also called trooping the colours.  We attended the "Major General's Review" which was a full dress rehearsal with everything except the royalty.  It was on Horseguards Parade near St. James.


The first part of the band entering the parade field.  (258 kb) The band entered the middle and then turned towards our viewing stand. (260 kb)


The second part of the band also entered the middle and turned towards us.  You can see the first part of the band on the left. (267 kb)
The second part positioned themselves directly in front of us. (230 kb) The third (and last) part of the band formed up to the right of the other two parts. (296 kb) Once the band was formed, the remainder of the troops formed up around the parade field.  You can see the line of troops in the background.  (186 kb)


The King's Troop (Royal Horse Artillery) formed up behind the foot soldiers.  (292kb)


The coaches for the royal party enter up the middle.. (253 kb) After allowing the royal coaches to pass, the troops reform. (293 kb)
The band marches out into the middle of the parade field. (166 kb) The 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards special escort for the colours.  (247 kb)


Soldiers from each of the five Foot Guard regiments - Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh - march in the parade. (241 kb)
A guards officer(200 kb) Some of the Foot Guard soldiers.  (247 kb) The foot soldiers passing the royal party stand. (264 kb)


Foot Guards officers for another unit.  (206 kb)

More Foot Guards. (256kb)


(224 kb)
A horse mounted band (from the Household Cavalry) came out to perform. (235kb) The mounted band doing a wheel maneuver (in the background). (271kb)


The King's Troop (Royal Horse Artillery) then started parading. (242kb)
Three officers followed by their trumpeters. (287kb) You can just see the cannons. (214kb)


Officers and colors of the "Blues and Royals" of the Household Cavalry Regiment.  (214kb)
Troopers of the "Blues and Royals". (212kb) The "Lifeguards" of the Household Cavalry Regiment.  Notice the red jackets as opposed to the blue jackets of the previous photo. (200kb)


The mounted band marches away before the foot band. (249kb)

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