New Year's Eve 00

Tarythe had to fly home on 30 December, so we went to the little town of Esslingen with some other friends, Scott and Muir Dean.  We then went to visit Stephan and Cym one last time before Tarythe flew home.

The inside of the Parish Church of St. Dinoys in Esslingen am Neckar.  You can see the arches of the rood screen created 1486. (54kb) Through the rood screen, a shot of the high altar, painted in 1604.  (93kb) Another shot of the high altar and the stained glass windows from 1300-1350.  (75kb)
Scott and Muir outside the Church of Our Lady in Esslingen. (78kb) Another shot of Scott and Muir (93kb) The carved wooden pulpit in the Church of Our Lady.   (50kb)
The chancel and stained glass windows in the Church of Our Lady (72kb) Tarythe in front of the Church of Our Lady. (91kb)

Debbie and Peter drove to Mainz on New Year's Eve to celebrate with Tom and Barb.  They had a hotel room overlooking the Rhine in Mainz and we watched fireworks from their room.  (None of the fireworks pictures turned out well.)  We toured Mainz on New Year's Eve and then drove down the Rhine to tour Rudesheim on New Year's Day.  

A through the bars shot of the golden reliquary in the East crypt inside the Mainz cathedral.  The golden reliquary contains bits of the 22 saints of Mainz. (36kb) The main altar in the Mainz cathedral. (41kb) A really cool building in Mainz with all of the wood timbers carved in relief. (62kb)
A view of the Mainz cathedral from the rear (southwest) side. (101kb) An evening shot of the cathedral from the Rhine river.  (53kb) The cathedral at dusk, before the floodlights are on. (42kb)
The Mainz cathedral at night. (40kb) Tom and Barb at the Denkmal memorial overlooking the Rhine river above Rudesheim. (56kb) Tom, Barb, and Debbie in Rudesheim (73kb)

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