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Frequently Asked Questions about the 
Inter Kingdom Brewers Guild database


Created 17 April 17 2004
Revised 31 January 2005

There are a great many questions about the IKBG and the database. This page is meant to answer some of the more common questions.

What is the goal of the IKBG database?
Our goal is an accurate and complete list of those individuals who compete in the Inter Kingdom Brewers Guild competitions.  Accurate means that every detail of every entry is correct. Complete means that every person who has competed should be in the database.  Although this is our goal, it important to realize for for the first 10 or 15 years of competition (at Pennsic), no records were really kept, and so lots of information from the old days is not available.   We started keeping records in 1999, but currently the records from 1999 to 2001 are not entered electronically because they are sequestered away in North Dakota and haven't been sent to the database administrator for entry.  For information on understanding what various statuses mean see the info further below.

Who should be in the IKBG database?
Any person who has competed in an IKBG competition since Pennsic 1999, as well as any masters from before that time. 

What does it 'Master', 'Journeyman', 'Journeyman', and 'Apprentice' mean?
For each category (beers/ales, wines/meads, and cordials/liqueurs), we track the result of entries.  Entries in these categories are judged using a 100 point scale. The resulting score tells you the level of accomplishment.

Score Accomplishment
92-100 Master quality
85-91 Journeyman quality
75-84 Apprentice quality
74 and less Beginner quality

At Pennsic 2004, the IKBG master held a meeting and revised the IKBG standards.  These new standard took effect immediately and were explained to everyone participating in the Pennsic competition.  Any status achieved before Pennsic 2004 is retained.  

  All guild members are "crafters".  In order to gain "master" status in a given category, you must produce eight different beverages, all scoring above 75, of which 3 must be at 92 or above, and 3 others at 85 or above.  No more than two entries per category are allowed at a given event.  By "different beverages" we mean that beverages can not be repeated, even if a different batch.  If a new batch of a given beverage is brewed in order to correct problems (identified at a competition), the new score will replace the old score for that beverage (but it won't count as a different beverage).  

For marked excellence in brewing (5 consecutive scores above 92), an expedited process may be considered.  This consideration process will include sitting with a panel of 3 or more masters and fielding questions.  

Those crafters who have achieved 3 scores at 85 or above are considered a "Journeyman" (even if those 3 are above 92).  Journeymen will remain at this level until all 8 beverages have been entered (or the expedited process is completed).  

You can be a master of a given category without having mastery in other categories, for example a "Master of Wines/Meads" without having a clue about beer. You can also become a double master or triple master. Masters are expected to participate in the judging at future events. If you show up the first time and have master quality stuff, you become a journeyman (with the status "journeyman-plus") until the second year you produce master quality stuff.

Our ultimate goal is to coordinate with the guilds of all the kingdoms to have common standards for judging, and be able to recognize kingdom standings in the IKBG. 

Can you list all of the information you need about me and my entries?
Certainly! Here's the ideal list:

Why is my modern name not shown with my SCA name (and vice versa)?
Unless we have someone's express permission (like we do for SCA officer listings), SCA corporate policy for web pages specifically prohibits the connection of a person's SCA name with their modern name, and it isn't worth the hassle of trying to keep permissions for all the names in the IKBG database.  Although you can search on either name, the two names are not connected in any fashion that is displayed by one of the searches.   We like to have both SCA names and modern names in the database because some people only know one of your names.  

My listing is wrong! What can I do?
Lots of things!
First you can follow this link: IKBG database Corrections Page. There is a form that you can fill out which will be sent directly to the IKBG Guildmaster (who is responsible for the database).

Secondly, you can also contact the IKBG Guildmaster directly.  The Guildmaster is happy to help you!
Simply choose the method that is easiest for you!

How long will I have to wait until the database is updated?
You should receive a reply within a week. In that reply, you will be either told that it is done, asked for more information, or told the time frame for processing.

What name should I use for the database? Does it have to be my formal name or can I use the one that everyone knows me by?
The IKBG database allows the use of multiple names.  Be sure to tell us about any alternate names you have!

I brew with my best friend, but your entry forms only allow for one name.  How can we both get credit for our entry?
Although the IKBG doesn't really care what name you use on your entry, we enter that name in the database.  If you and your friend only want to get comments on your entries and learn what things you can do to improve them, then use a household name or some other name you both like.   However, if you both want to become masters within the IKBG then you must each start brewing your own beverages.  Although you may always brew together, one of you is doing the mental "heavy lifting" in terms of deciding what to brew; what recipe(s) to use; what recipe modifications or adjustments you make; what malts - hops - honey - spices - fruits - or other ingredients to use; etc.  The IKBG expects masters to participate in the guild, to be able to competently judge entries, and have some of the first hand skill to share with other brewers. It becomes really difficult to evaluate that when two people "brew together" because the reality is that it is very rarely truly equal.  Therefore, the IKBG policy is each entry has one "brewer" (even thought that can be a household name, made-up name, or whatever).  Only one brewer gets credit for any given entry.

None of the forms seem to fit what I need. What do I do?
Send the IKBG Guildmaster an e-mail at terafan@greydragon.org 

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